Food for Thought- Living Supermarket Free

Today is the first day of LIVING SUPERMARKET FREE for FIVE WEEKS.

I am doing this to support my daughter who came up with the challenge for Concern Universal's 'Give it up' for their Survive Five campaign.

I have done some preparation and I am going to journal my experience of the five weeks in 5 mini journals. I am going to record things like how much I spend, where I source items, recipes and a meal plans.

I live within walking distance of the city centre and we are fortunate to have a market twice a week and a Farmers Market on a Thursday. So it is easy to access fresh fruit and veg, most of which is organic. Also there is a really good whole food shop.

I am hoping that going through these five weeks will help me evaluate my shopping habits, eat more healthily and support our local economy.

I look forward to sharing my journey with you.

Be Blessed

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