Adventures in Romania

At the begining of December I spent a week in and around Oradea in Romania volunteering. My friends and neighbours Arthur and Yvonne started a charity called Hope Carriers Trust to help children and families in need, I had the privilege of distributing Christmas Shoeboxes and other aid to schools, orphanges and a hospice.

It was an amazing time challenging both emotionally and physically, there was much laughter and tears from us all in the team and the children, teachers and carers.  I have now seen with my own eyes what a difference 2 people with a vision can make to other peoples lives and how much help is still needed. I have offered my services as a volunteer administrator here in the UK. 2013 is going to be busy.My background is working in the public and voluntary sector, both at  project worker and  at management ;eve, enabling individuals to take up education, training or employment.  I really  feel excited that I can now blend all my skills together to achieve some good in the world.

You may ask how my art will come into all of this, well it was through Scrapbooking that I first got involved 3 years ago. Yvonne came to my weekly workshops and put together 2 albums that they now take around to publise the charity. There are still many more photos to scrap. Moreover it is my aim this year to offer e-courses and I will donate some or in some cases all of the proceeds to Hope Carriers Trust and perhaps my air fare to go to Romania again.

Already there are groups and individuals who knit, sew and crochet items to be sent out. I would like to co-ordinate these groups and tap into their generosity to foster a sense of unity that they are all offering valuable  items that are needed.

I would like to send journalling kits to one of the orphanges to encourage creativity and hope. I was encouraged by a quote by the Arts Council Engand that sums up this idea.

"Great art and culture inspires us, brings together and teaches us about ourselves and the world around us. In short it makes life better."

I kept a journal whilst I was away and will post some photos soon on this new page and keep you up to date with my activities and adventures.

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