Monday, 26 November 2012

Wednesday, 21 November 2012


As you can see I have been tweeking my blog! Keith helped me yesterday with some of the basics so now I am trying to carryout the changes.Not sure I'm totally happy but feel that it looks better than it was. Hopefully a bit more reflective of my personality and art????

Since I discovered the joys of online communication with fellow artists and crafters my confidence to have a go has increased enormously. Whether it's videoing, blogging, tweeting and now instagram-ing I would rather have something out there than wait until I get it perfect I have made that mistake too many times in my life.'Embrace Imperfection' has become my new motto.

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Tapes, Travel and Technology

I really am struggling with technology, trying to find the right download etc, please reassure me I am not the only one!

Hopefully some time next week you may notice a difference to the look of my blog, my daughter's boyfriend is a whizz with technology and he has agreed to help me.

As you can see I have been playing and with some good results I think.

I am really looking forward to my Romanian trip even though I know that it going to be a stressful and emotional trip. If I can manage to I will blog the completion of my travel journal so you can all see for yourselves what I get up to.

Just my travel insurance to sort out, thankfully someone else sorted out the flights, I just paid the money.

Okay enough, keep crafting and have fun.

Hannah x

Monday, 5 November 2012

Wow what a day, what a workshop

An early start for a Sunday, the alarm went off at 6.30am. I didn't exactly leap out of bed even thought I was really excited. The reason I was off to The Stamp Attic in Wantage to attend a Kate Crane journalling workshop.

My lovely hubby agreed to drive me there even though I probably could have managed the 154 mile round trip. I was relieved he did because it snowed heavily on the Cotswolds and we went through a few floods too.

The trusty sat nav took us almost to the door, well it would have been difficult because it was down an alleyway behind Costa.

I said 'bye' to hubby and Louis our puppy and clutching my journalling kit braved the elements to join the workshop.

I had such fun getting inky using Dylusions spray inks, to make a Year Journal from scratch. I loved Kate's laid back teaching style and enjoyed the company of fellow art journallers. Oh and of course my shopping spree.

The day ended all too soon and we made our way home to Hereford.

Monday, 24 September 2012

A long entry, mostly photos!

Will name this post when it's written as I have know idea what the focus of it is yet. Although I have been crafting in the past week, I seem to have been more caught up with family and friends.

Last Thursday evening I went on a three and a half mile walk around Goodrich near Ross on Wye. It was beautiful and thankfully easy going. It was lovely to watch the sunset over the Herefordshire countryside and then end up in a pub!

Unfortunately I did not take any photos, but hey ho I do have the memory and the inspiration that I always gain from being outdoors.

On Saturday afternoon, hubby, Louis and I went for a bit of an amble in a local wood that we hadn't visited before. It certainly made going to the supermarket a less daunting task. 

Sweet Chestnut

The dappled sunlight through the trees was warm and golden. The air was filled with the wonderful smells of early autumn.

I intend to use the photos in my smash book to record a small adventure.

Every day I take Louis out for at least one walk/play. It has made a remarkable difference to my sense of wellbeing. He loves to find other dogs to run around with, he also likes the river and so do I.

I really wish I knew how to format my photos within the post?

Anyone have an idea or actually know, please please leave a comment.

I am lucky enough to have the river almost on my doorstep so to speak.

Recently I joined Art Geeks, an online art community. Courtney Brooks showed us how she incorporates photos into her art journal pages.This was my attempt. I tried to upload to the Art Geeks Facebook page from my HTC phone but it didn't work? I like to think that it is floating around the ether some where.

The photo is of  the waterfall within Guiness Storehouse, Dublin. It was one that got left out of my travel journal for some reason, this was a good way not to waste it. It also sparked fond memories of the trip last February.

Talking of travel journals, my daughter and partner have just gone to Canada for a fortnight. So I took the opportunity to make them a journal, using mostly recyled materials and scraps. I didn't take photos as I was in such a hurry to get it to them I forgot. Maybe they will let me take snaps of the completed journal.

Well that probably is enough of my waffling.

Just keep crafting, see you soon.

Hannah  x

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Hurrah my health and wellness journal is paying off.

In July I decided that I needed to improve my lifestyle choices in respect of taking control of my weight. I have a chronic health issue that limits my actvities somewhat. I made my journal to encourage me to stick to my goals and help me to visual a healthier future. Yesterday I got back into my size 10 jeans. I know that 10 is only a number but to me it represents the feel good factor  and reenforces the sense of my achievement so far because I feel more alive. Anyway here are a few photos of my journal.

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

A week of crafting

Well I have had a blast, my two nieces visited me for a week and we did lots of crafting. Laura is 14 and Martha is 11 so they have lots of ideas and have always been creative. To start with we made smash books, to record our week together and for them to smash other stuff through the year. I forgot to take photos of those and I am only just catching up with mine. But here are some of the other things we got up too.

Tea lights, a make and take from Hobbycraft

     We went to a local pottery cafe.

This is my plate ready to be glazed and fired.
Laura's plate
 I took a stencils with me.

This is Martha's plate

We made chocolate cupcakes and then decorated them.
They tasted delicious.

Hubby and I ended the week by taking them home to Cambridgeshire and did an overnight stay by the Thames in Oxfordshire.

We happened upon the Chiltern Craft Show and spent a pleasant few hours wandering round in the sunshine. I made a sheet of linen paper and bought a sheet of denim paper! Can't wait to have a go at home, not sure that my liquidiser will like it though.

I made a file folder record of the weekend.

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Hopefully this has worked

You Tube video-not showing on blog

I have been trying to upload my latest YT video into this post but it's not showing up in the post when I publish. I have an adlocker that keeps popping up! Any suggestions anyone?

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Bits and Pieces

I thought I would post photos of some of my latest projects.
 This is a birthday card I made for my niece. I made 3 sheets of background paper and then I photocopied them on to ordinary copy paper. They came out well and it means I can use them over and over.

 This is a journal page inspired by Klimt. I found an advert for cross stitch cushions, so I collaged some of the photos into my page.

 I used mixed media and lots of layers.

I took the pattern from the womans dress. I added a gold embossed frame to make the picture stand out.

 I discovered by accident that gel pen acts
as a base for embossing powder.

 Unfortunately it doesn't show
up that well.
I recently went to an art exhibition held by Hereford Cathedral School as part of the Three Choirs week. I was truly amazed by the range of different styles, the talent and energy of the pupils work. I am pleased to say there was a lot of mixed media work.

 I was also impressed by their drawing and sketching skills, especially of people.

Their portfolios were also on display to look through all of the inspiration and ground work undertaken to arrive at their final pieces.

I came home feeling inspired to revive my own drawing skills and analytical approach to it.

This is my very first quick sketch.

This is my second, this time the grids were very roughly drawn and I realised that I need more accurate grid lines to follow.

 This is a journal made from fused plastic bags then decorated using alcohol inks, mica powders and duct tape.

I am using it to store all of those small bits of art work, backgrounds, test pieces etc.
 this is a page in my junk journal, it is an acetate insert in a piece of packing. I watched a YT video using alcohol ink to decorate. I took it a step further and used sticker dots as a resist. I then used the stickers on another page.

 Apologies for the side on view. My daughter gave me a Klimt diary as a present and I never really used it until recently. I now stick all sorts of random bits and pieces in it. Bits that I cannot easily put into the bin or things that I don't really want to smash.  I find it works well.

 This is an unfinished page that I must have done a while ago and forgotten about. I was experimenting with texture paste and watercolours, I think.

Some of my current journals.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post.

Keep crafting, Hannah x