Sunday, 29 July 2012

Art in our garden

Yesterday was beautifully warm and sunny, so hubby and I did some gardening. Generally tidying up, mowing the lawn etc. We also put an arch over the gap in the bamboo screen to encourage the jasmine to bridge the gap.

I had been keeping a small collection of fabric belts in the hope that an opportunity to use them would present itself. Yesterday it did  I wove them through the bamboo screen. The inspiration came from a woven panel I saw in Manchester. I was very pleased with the result and look forward to adding more to it over time.

This morning I went out into the garden and took some photos of all the bits of art and ephemera we have both placed around the garden over the last few years. We had a very heavy shower/downpour earlier so the raindrops were so pretty.

Hope you like the photos.

Friday, 6 July 2012

Travel Journals/Smash Book flips

I have finally gotten round to recording a video of my travel journals/smash books made from envelopes. It is really poor quality recording because 1 I um and ah a lot, 2 I talk too much when I said I wouldn't and 3 I didn't edit it or fancy it up. By the time I had recorded it I was too tired to edit and decided for good or bad just to put it out there.

Any way here I am trying not too feel too bad about inflicting it upon you all. I hope my ideas for these journals inspire you to make your own and to enjoy compiling them as you are out and about on your travels. I love to see what I can find that is relevant to the trip or just novel items just because they are there.

I really would like to make a tutorial at some stage although I'm sure that you are all quite capable of figuring it out or adapting.

I really would welcome comments.

Keep crafting

Hannah x