Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Update of activity

I have been slowly building up a collection of goodies that I enjoy making, mostly to give away!
Birthday Card using a rosette sent to me by JoAnne from Life on the Scrapbeach, stiching. promarker coloured gems, book paper and black cardstock cut out with Spellbinders Labels Eleven die.Piece of lace and a pink base card.

 Hubby's birthday card, using Tim Holtz postcard embossing folder, Spellbinders Postage Stamps dies, Stamps by My Paper World 'Crown, Lion, Wings'. Distress inks and twine
An easel  Birthday Card using postage stamp dies and stamps by Indigo Blue 'Grand Tour 3'. Very simple, oh and brads.

More of my CD Coaster Doilys, I do so like making these. Think I will do a You Tube video soon.

Have a very crafty time!

A couple of You Tube Videos

I do hope that this works!

Well let me know, please

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Rugby, Guiness and Knitting

I do wonder about myself a lot of the time these days? I just put in the title and pressed publish, what am I like.

Last weekend was spent with hubby in Dublin. We flew in on the Thursday morning and out again on Monday, so we had plenty of time to explore.

The hotel was within walking distance to almost all of the sights, shops and of course pubs. We visited the Guiness Storehouse, entrance price included a pint of Guiness in the Gravity Bar with a 360 degree view over the city and to the Wicklow mountains.

We found a great pub in which to watch the RBS Six Nations Rugby matches and esconced ourselves there in front of the large screen on both the Saturday and the Sunday games. Thoroughly recommend O'Neills. Pity that the Ireland v France game was cancelled two minutes before kick off!

During the matches I sat and knitted a spiral scarf, I got some funny looks I can tell you, but I always knit whilst watching rugby on TV. Haven't got a photo yet but will put one up soon of the finished scarf.

Whilst we were away I also kept a travel journal. Will perhaps do a You Tube video on that.

That's all for now folks.

Monday, 6 February 2012

CD Doilies and more

 I found an old CD that I had already worked on - although I did not know it at the time, I only looked at the printed side when I was punching the holes with my crop-o-dile. I was really pleased to find that I had previously used Adriondak Alcohol inks and a sharpie to decorate.
 I worked crochet through the punched holes and then in rounds to create a doily effect. I had only eyeballed the holes so the stitches are not that even.
 This is my second jigsaw puzzle that I have decorated recently. This time I took it apart to start with and gesso'd each piece and used acrylic paint over that. At this point I reassembled the puzzle,then added more paint through stencils to create leaves and flowers. I used a variety of stamps on the background and then stamped the words on to old book paper. I doodled around the flowers and drew in stems and leaves.
A jumble of crafty goodies! More doilies, the jigsaw in it's pillow box, cut with the silhouette; a knitted necklace made from left over bits of yarn. I will certainly be making more of all of these.

I really need to blog more often!

I have been busy of late making art and craft, reading other people's blogs, watching streams and You Tube videos. By the time I've tweeted, emailed and endeavoured to send texts via my new smart phone I am totally technologied out and too tired to post on my own blog.

I am going away for a few days to Dublin this week and when I come back it is my intention is to
make myself a weekly plan that includes time to blog, time to craft, time to organise my household chores and most importantly time to spend with hubby, family and friends.

Due to Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and  a pre-exsiting heart condition I find it hard these days to be spontaneous . Some days I have used up all my 'spoons' before the day is out and I have to just give in, be patient until I recouperate and I am able to start again. At least if I have some sort of realistic plan for each day I can feel like I am achieving something however small, rather than feeling frustrated most of the time! Oh and guilty that I do not go out to work everyday to earn a living.

Overall though my life is very good and I am fortunate to have an abundance of love in my life that brings me much joy:being encouraged to live at my own pace and not have to conform to other peoples agendas has been a blessing and a luxury I thought was impossible for me.

Moreover I have learnt that with love in my life the possibilities are endless!