Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Getting Organised

Just read my last post and realised how dull it is without photos! As I mentioned I am going to get organised this year and update my blog more regularly, so here goes. I have notes!!!

Hope is my word of 2013
 Firstly I am using my Kate Crane 12 month Journal to record my goals and the progress I am making. 

 The  pages I have added are prints made with my Gelli Printing plate.
 I have also decided this year to have a go at 'Project Life/Project 365. I have been doing some research and realise that there are many resources available both to buy and as free downloads. It did seem rather overwhelming at first but I found Lisa. She is using a more traditional scrapbooking approach that really appeals to me. Check her at lisae-design.blogspot.com and her You Tube channel LisaEDesign. I haven't made a start yet on the first page for the year but I have learnt how to order prints on line, so watch this space.

I have been working in my art journal and have finished 2 pages and have one other underway. 

 This page was inspired by My Aunt Judy's Funeral
I attended on 15th January, thankfully she died suddenly in her own home.

One of her friends did the tribute and he said that she would be remembered for her 'Cheerfulness and Faith'. It was such a lovely service.

On my trip to Romania we sang along to a CD and this hymn was on there, so it was perfect.

 This year I am letting go old friendships that have naturally run their course for various reasons. I some how had to find a way to express my feelings and lay them to rest. Journaling as you know is such a good way.


Page still working on.

I put my Aunt's funeral service booklet in my Smashbook for safe keeping and posterity.

Home Organisation

 I am endeavouring to live a more organised life and once again I am using my daily dairy to help me keep on track.

I must admit though I do get a bit confused as to where I need to record stuff. I make notes each day of some of the things that have happened so I can use for PL and my journals and scrapbooks.

I have been watching  home organising videos http://www.youtube.com/user/GretchenRubinNY ,http://www.youtube.com/user/DoItOnaDime and http://www.youtube.com/user/homeorganizing to help me achieve my goal. I am in the process of updating my home filing system using an idea based on the Freedom Filer. This system seems a good idea but is expensive to ship into the UK.
What system do you use? Does it work? would be interested to know.

I have made a brilliant grocery list/coupon purse, I tried it out at the supermarket last week and it worked.

And finally I have booked our flights to Canada in June.

I'll say bye for now, love Hannah

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Happy New Year, welcome to 2013

Actually I am relieved that the new year has begun and I can put my new plans into action. I have written down some personal goals plus household changes such as a new bathroom and kitchen that obviously affect both myself and husband. In addition we are going to book our tickets to Canada to visit family in the summer. Who wouldn't be excited I feel most fortunate.

If you check out my new page you will see what else I have made a commitment to.

I am going to learn how to edit videos so that I can post more on You Tube and I also want to stream live shows/tutorials to raise funds to support www.hopecarrierstrust.org.uk

I also need to get more items into my etsy shop and link it to the international market, so far it is only available in the UK.

I have promised myself to be less intimidated by technology this year.

I had some brilliant birthday and Christmas presents, a GelliArt printing plate, a Moleskine journal, The Guerilla Art Kit by Keri Smith, a chef's blow torch and cupcake paraphernalia to mention but a few.

I have decided to use the journal I made at the Kate Crane Workshop I attended last November to record my progress towards my goals it is split into monthly sections. I posted pictures in an earlier post.

So that's it for now me thinks.
Happy crafting
Love Hannah