Friday, 6 July 2012

Travel Journals/Smash Book flips

I have finally gotten round to recording a video of my travel journals/smash books made from envelopes. It is really poor quality recording because 1 I um and ah a lot, 2 I talk too much when I said I wouldn't and 3 I didn't edit it or fancy it up. By the time I had recorded it I was too tired to edit and decided for good or bad just to put it out there.

Any way here I am trying not too feel too bad about inflicting it upon you all. I hope my ideas for these journals inspire you to make your own and to enjoy compiling them as you are out and about on your travels. I love to see what I can find that is relevant to the trip or just novel items just because they are there.

I really would like to make a tutorial at some stage although I'm sure that you are all quite capable of figuring it out or adapting.

I really would welcome comments.

Keep crafting

Hannah x

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