Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Happy New Year, welcome to 2013

Actually I am relieved that the new year has begun and I can put my new plans into action. I have written down some personal goals plus household changes such as a new bathroom and kitchen that obviously affect both myself and husband. In addition we are going to book our tickets to Canada to visit family in the summer. Who wouldn't be excited I feel most fortunate.

If you check out my new page you will see what else I have made a commitment to.

I am going to learn how to edit videos so that I can post more on You Tube and I also want to stream live shows/tutorials to raise funds to support

I also need to get more items into my etsy shop and link it to the international market, so far it is only available in the UK.

I have promised myself to be less intimidated by technology this year.

I had some brilliant birthday and Christmas presents, a GelliArt printing plate, a Moleskine journal, The Guerilla Art Kit by Keri Smith, a chef's blow torch and cupcake paraphernalia to mention but a few.

I have decided to use the journal I made at the Kate Crane Workshop I attended last November to record my progress towards my goals it is split into monthly sections. I posted pictures in an earlier post.

So that's it for now me thinks.
Happy crafting
Love Hannah

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